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Trade show inspiration

We asked Shirley Allum from Shirley Allum in Dorset a few questions about her recent experience at Pure London. She has been attending the show since it started and sees this as the best year yet, find out why…

So, you attended Pure London last month?

Yes, though I could only spare one day out of the shop this year due to staff cover. I would usually take two days to go round a show like this one as I think you need that long to get what you need out of it.

Have you attended the show before?

I’ve had my business 20 years or so and have been attending Pure London since it started – both the February show and the August show.

Was it worth your while?

I thought this year’s show was one of the best yet, actually. There was so much on offer, good brands and the show looked good too. It was very inspiring.

The choice of brands is what I liked most about Pure but it’s a shame this year the shoes were scattered around the show. In previous years, there has been a section dedicated to shoes which fits the way I buy. I’ll look at shoes first, then bags, then accessories and so on, so having them in sections helps me streamline my buying.

I usually attend some of the seminars but couldn’t this year as I only attended for the one day. I do get a VIP badge which gives me a chance to contemplate everything I’ve throughout the day, in the VIP Lounge.

What other shows are on your calendar?

I attended MODA in Birmingham and CIFF in Copenhagen this year. After a great show this year, I’ll be attending Pure London again next year too.