Monthly Archives: June 2017

General advice on fire safety precautions for premises owners

Following the tragic fire on 14th June at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, some of our clients have enquired about what they should be doing to protect themselves and the people they are responsible for from the risk of fire. bira legal would therefore like to provide some simple advice on general fire safety precautions […]

TPR to begin auto enrolment spot checks on Birmingham employers

The Pensions Regulator has announced that they are carrying out Auto Enrolment spot checks on Birmingham employers as part of the nationwide enforcement campaign. Following on from the The Pensions Regulator announcement released on Friday 16th June – as part of the nationwide campaign which began in London, and then Manchester – TPR is to begin AE spot […]

Meet the lucky winner of the £20K Retail Growth Package

Recently, bira teamed up with Vend to give away a £20,000 retail growth package – here’s the lucky retailer who won! For small-to-medium retailers, having access to the best retail tools and technology is so important in order to grow and compete, which is why we recently ran a competition in the UK, giving stores […]

Government guidance and vigilance reminder for business

Following the tragic events in Manchester, the Home Office would like to remind suppliers of regulated and reportable explosives precursors to look out for and report suspicious transactions and attempted transactions to the police on: 0800 789321 or Details: Explosives precursors are chemicals that may be used in the illicit manufacture of explosives.   […]

What does the election mean for retail?

WHAT DOES THE ELECTION RESULT MEAN FOR RETAIL?  Source: GlobalData   The party manifestoes offered little other than more pain for retailers, but the uncertainty arising from the election result threatens to damage the industry more than any policy could.   In one sense not much has changed for retail –  little in the way […]

bira urges Government to think about how they can help the high street thrive

Now that the general election is over, it is down to the new Government to ensure that the potential of an unstable political climate in the UK is minimised, and that consumer confidence is not knocked.  After all, a third of consumer spending goes through retail, and therefore strong policies are needed to ensure this continues in […]

Get ready for Marxman on Dragons Den

The Dragon’s Den re-air of MarXman is showing this Sunday at 7pm pn BBC2. This always provides a great opportunity to remind customers about the product. Have you enough stock? – if not why not order today! Send you orders through to Ensure you have marXman™ stock positioned on your counter – this gives […]