The Carbon Trust recently undertook the world's first Lifecycle Analysis of paper receipts. Findings show that a single paper receipt that ends up in landfill is responsible for 2.5g CO2e entering our atmosphere. That's more than 28,000 tonnes of carbon emitted in the UK each year because of receipts.

Bira along with The British Retail Consortium has pledged support to the Beat the Receipt campaign, recognising optional printing as a key step in reducing retail emissions.

There is already legal precedent for ending automatic receipt printing in Europe. The Paperless Pledge is an opportunity for UK retail to lead from the front and demonstrate it's commitment to a sustainable future. 


The Paperless Pledge

"We're really excited to be working with Bira to encourage more sustainable retail practice in the UK. By taking the Paperless Pledge and switching to optional receipt printing, Britain's independent retailers are collectively driving industry-wide change and setting a brilliant example for larger retailers to follow. Collective action and groundswell support are a crucial component for any social change and we're proud to see Britain's independents leading the way here"

Samantha Lind, campaigner at Beat the Receipt'


By signing the pledge, retailers commit to making paper receipts fully optional in their stores by 2023.  Currently, most tills will automatically print a paper receipt, regardless of whether the customer wants or needs one. #BeatTheReceipt is calling on retailers to turn off automatic printing before 2023, and only print one when requested. 


Fill in the form and take the pledge.


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