10 Sep 2021

BAGMA: Smooth move to new home at AEA

Almost three months after Bira completed the sale of BAGMA to the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), BAGMA Director Keith Christian has reported a smooth transition.

Writing in the latest edition of the BAGMA Bulletin, Keith said they have been ‘made very welcome at the AEA and been well provided for’.

He said: “There has been much to do and that remains the case… All good fun but the day job still goes on around all of this."

Bira completed the sale of BAGMA to the AEA on July 1, 2021, as reported here.

The sale was described as in the ‘best interests of both BAGMA and Bira, with the AEA more aligned to the industry sector BAGMA operates in, enabling BAGMA to offer more support relevant to its members’ business needs.

At the time, Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre said: “I, and my colleagues in Bira, are very proud to have worked closely with the BAGMA team and BAGMA members over the past 25 years. There is a strong identity among BAGMA members that is to be admired.”

Bira will maintain a working relationship with BAGMA and the AEA for at the next 12 months, with members of BAGMA still having access to the services available from Bira, including legal advice and Bira Direct.

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