04 May 2021

Bira puts spotlight on lack of support for bridal businesses

Bira has helped highlight the lack of support for hard-hit bridal businesses.

CEO Andrew Goodacre spoke to the Daily Express, calling for more financial support for bridal shops, which - because of the personal service they offer - do not operate in the same way as other fashion businesses.

However, the allocation of Government restart grants means that bridal shops receive the same amount as other fashion businesses - which are at the lowest end of the scale, getting payouts of about £2,600. By comparison, hairdressers and other close contact services can claim closer to £6,000.

“There’s no understanding of what we do,” Judith told the Express.  

“We don’t function like other high street stores. Everything is personal care, the experience and our service are part of why our customers love us. Wedding dresses are personally fitted, customers try on several and the one they buy always needs altering so it’s a perfect fit. We sell a package with hair and make-up services too.”

Andrew Goodacre said: “When considering support for retail outlets it is important to understand the needs of certain specialist areas. Bridal boutiques are not just dress shops – the services they offer are so much more.  

“It will take a long time for their market to fully return. The re-start grants are there to help businesses to re-start, and those most affected should receive the most. I believe that bridal boutiques are among those businesses most affected."

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