11 Mar 2021

Shoppers need a reason to spend again, says Bira President

Bira President William Coe says Brits need a reason to spend if the economy is going to recover.

William, who runs Coes in Ipswich, told the Eastern Daily Press that while the reopening of 'non-esssential' retail in England on April 12 was welcome, it was not enough to save the sector.

“It’s not a line in the sand and everything returns to normal, we need the economy to return to a functioning level and for us then to go along with that," he said in the interview

“People have to have a reason to buy. Last year, many people did not have a reason to buy for the simple reason they weren’t going out anywhere. And, obviously, our sales suffered.

The opening on April 12 is fantastic — and it can’t come soon enough — but people still need a reason to buy."

William featured in an article urging East Anglians to 'go on a spending spree' to help the region recover from the impact of the pandemic.

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