25 Sep 2020

EKM report: COVID-19 | The Impact on UK Businesses

We’ve seen that the UK has been affected economically by the coronavirus already, with many businesses and individuals seeking support from the Government as the UK went into lockdown. There have been many projections and estimations about how severely the UK has been affected by this however, this EKM report focuses on the opinions and experiences of their customer base.

The majority of participants operated their businesses online only, however there were around 27% of participants who also ran brick and mortar businesses. The participants have businesses across a wide range of industries.

They're going to explore the responses in detail and look at the impact the first six months of 2020 has had and how this may affect not only  businesses going forward but also online shopping habits.

The report includes:

  • Online VS offline
  • Brick and mortar closures
  • Opening of online shops
  • Sector specific insights
  • Supply and demand
  • Impact on sales
  • Looking forward


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