25 Mar 2021

Everbuild Building Products announce raw material shortage

Bira Direct supplier Everbuild Building Products announces a short-term change in their ordering process due to raw material shortages.


In a letter to its customers,

As a valued customer you will no doubt be aware, we are committed to developing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest quality products for the building industry, cementing our name as the UK’s brand in our sectors.

Today’s rapidly changing climate brings with it a number of challenges that we have successfully managed internally, ensuring that we continue to supply our loyal customers with the products the industry require.

The ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, the added layer of complications due to Brexit and a global shortage of certain raw materials have all led to increasing pressure on the UK business supply chains.

Due to the exceptional circumstances of the global pandemic and impact on the supply chain we are unable to provide our normal notice period for these changes. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and we will revert back to providing our normal notice period as soon as possible. As a result of raw material shortages in the global market, we will not be accepting any further orders for Silicone based products until April.

In order to ensure a fair approach to all our customers we will be closely monitoring buying patterns and any orders significantly outside of the normal ordering pattern will be refused.

We are currently evaluating our substantially increased order book, and will advise all customers of the situation with your existing orders as detailed below:

1. The order will be processed as normal subject to availability of product

2. The order will be cancelled, and you will be asked to re-order in April

Please feel free to contact your local Business Development Manager should you require any further assistance.

Please be assured that despite these challenges we endeavour to keep up with growing demand and are dedicated to supplying the same high-quality products. With innovation being one of our key values we will continue to develop and explore new and alternative technologies to offer where we have challenges on availability of supply of raw materials.

We will continue to supply market leading products, along with value added sales support and expert technical knowledge, the likes of which the industry has come to expect.

We thank you for your understanding and your continued business.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Forsyth, UK Distribution Business Unit Manager
Darren Bunting, Head of Sales - National Accounts
Wayne Angelo, Head of Sales - Independents Buying Groups/Wholesale

You can view the full statement here and a list of all the silicone products on hold

Everbuild Building Products    

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