13 Nov 2020

Scottish tier system: Guidance for retailers published

The Scottish Government has published its guidance about retail closures under its five-tier Covid-alert system.

The framework governs the restrictions for each Local Authority area. No local authorities have been placed in Level 4 (the highest – and which requires closure of ‘non-essential retail’) with the vast majority in Levels 3  and 2.  The levels will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

The Scottish Government has said they could also institute national Levels (including putting the whole country into Level 4) if necessary.

The regulations define which businesses are able to be open at each level. It states:

  • All retailers can operate in line with the Scottish Government guidance in Levels 0-3, but note the hospitality requirements at the various levels e.g. ceasing alcohol sales and customers seated to eat indoors.
  • In Level 4 essential retailers can remain open: The regulations include the following amongst that definition: food retailers, off licences, homeware, building supplies, and hardware stores, pharmacies, newsagents, petrol stations, bicycle shops, post offices, pet shops, agricultural supply shops, storage and distribution facilities, and garden centres.
  • In Level 4 all retailers – even non-essential ones whose shops are forced to close - can continue to receive/dispatch deliveries at their warehouses and make deliveries or provide collection services or orders received online, by mail order, telephone, or by post.

The full document can be found here

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