19 Jul 2021

Will the new measures of The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 affect you?

New measures have been brought in place, strengthening the law enforcements response to violent crime.

The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 have brought in new measures on 14th of July 2021, that may affect you if you manufacture or sell knives or what can be classed as dangerous weapons. This will also affect online purchases such as blades, meaning:

  • Customers will have to verify they are over 18 years old using identity documents or verification systems
  • Any knives or blades cannot be delivered to a locker or pick-up point
  • Packages will be labelled that it contains knives or a dangerous weapon and the courier may ask you for proof of age

Read more about the The Offensive Weapons Act 2019

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The National Business Crime Centre can help you as a retailer or manufacture to follow the legislation on the sale of knives. For more information, please visit the National Business Crime Centre website.

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