22 Jan 2021

Updated guidance for retailers in Wales

Further guidance has been published to ensure retailers in Wales maintain safe working environments through the pandemic. 

The Welsh Government has advised that all businesses and premises must carry out a Covid risk assessment and for that to involve consultation with staff and representatives and be made available to staff.

The Government's amendments reflect concerns about the degree to which multiple product retailers are meeting their obligations to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus.

It states: 'Whilst some retailers are already operating high standards, we wish to raise the bar for those who must improve.'

Retailers must implement:

  • measures for controlling entry and limiting the number of customers who are on the premises at any one time;
  • hand sanitisation products or hand washing facilities for customers when they enter and exit the premises;
  • measures to sanitise baskets or trolleys; and
  • customers to be reminded of the need to maintain 2m distance via signage and oral announcement.

The Government has also said they will be emphasising in our communications that shoppers themselves have a key responsibility in helping to maintain a safe environment – any abuse directed at store employees who are seeking to encourage safety measure compliance will not be tolerated.

These changes have prompted a review and update of the Keep Wales Safe at Work – in Retail guidance.  The full guidance is here



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