11 May 2021

Bira urges PM to promote importance of public transport

Bira has signed an open letter to Boris Johnson to remind him of the importance of public transport’s crucial role in the country's recovery.

The letter by Campaign for Better Transport, which was delivered to the PM on Friday, urged him to encourage people back on to buses and trains as restrictions are lifted.

In order to prevent a lasting legacy of shuttered businesses, economic inequality, increased congestion and more pollution, the letter urges the PM to: 

  • Send a visible message that buses and trains are safe to use when appropriate measures - like wearing a face covering - are followed, with ministers and others being seen to use public transport
  • Take a balanced and pragmatic approach towards public transport in the ongoing review into social distancing, recognising the significant importance of buses, trains and trams to the economic recovery and air quality
  • Make it simple and easy for people to choose and pay for their fare and know they are getting the best deal by reforming fares and ticket retailing across public transport to help both passengers and businesses in the recovery.

As well as Bira, it was also signed by other a wealth of other trade bodies and associations including the British Chamber of Commerce, British Beer and Pub Association, British Retail Consortium, UK Hospitality, and Urban Transport Group.

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