19 May 2021

Scotland remove 72-hour quarantine of clothing

Scotland has removed the requirement for retailers to quarantine clothes which have been tried on.

Under previous guidance, retailers in Scotland were required to quarantine clothes which had been tried on or returned for 72 hours.

Public Health Scotland has said: "Based on the evidence available, PHS now have confirmed that returned goods carry a low risk of transmission that in most instances could be mitigated against through good hand hygiene, cleaning of surfaces, and ventilation.

"72-hour quarantine is not, therefore, routinely required, however please note the additional mitigations required re. hand hygiene before and after handling goods, cleaning of surfaces and ventilation."

Meanwhile, in England, retailers also do not need to quarantine tried-on clothes. While the Government guidelines do not sepcify this exactly, they have removed the wording about needing to quarantine.

For more details on the guidelines in England, click here

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