01 Apr 2020

Scottish politicians 'moving proverbial goalposts' in allocation of Covid-19 grants, says Bira

The Scottish Government is 'moving proverbial goalposts' in allocation of the coronavirus support grants, says Bira.

Bira has added its voice to a growing number of trade groups lobbying Scottish parliament over restrictions to the pledged £25,000 grants.

The trade groups, which includes the Scottish Retail Consortium, has written to Finance Secretary Kate Forbes MSP asking for clarification about the small businesses eligible for the funds.

Since the £2.2 billion package was announced, promising grants for each 'property', a number of firms have reported that those with more than one property (a small chain of shops, for example) are only eligible for one single £25,000 payment.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira's CEO, said: "We are increasingly concerned that the proverbial goalposts are being moved.

"Bold statements are made by politicians, but the reality is disappointingly somewhat different. We are now seeing confusion in Scotland and England and that is the last thing independent businesses need.

"It is obvious that all businesses need support and should be treated individually even if they are part of a group."

For more information of the support available to small retail businesses in Scotland, click here

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