23 Feb 2021

Scottish lockdown could end in last week of April

The lockdown in Scotland could be eased in the last week of April, it has been announced.

Scotland will return to a tiered approach from April 26, 2021, reopening of non-essential retails, gyms, hairdressers and restaurants in the regions with the appropriate levels of Covid-19.

The announcement was made as part of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s exit out of lockdown plan.

Ms Sturgeon says the last week of April should see a “phased but significant re-opening of the economy”.

More plans about Scotland’s exit stratgey are due to be unveiled in the middle of March.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson revealed his exit road map for England, while Northern Ireland has announced it will remain in lockdown until mid-April. Wales is yet to release its plans.

However, Bira expressed its frustration at the inability of the four home nations to release a consistent message.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira CEO, said: “I really do not understand why there is such a wide variation of interpreting the same data. This inability for the four home nations to agree on a strategy adds to confusion in the eyes of the general public.

“Last summer Scotland opened up later than elsewhere in the UK but still ended up in the same position of having to lockdown.

“We urge the Scottish Government to learn from this  and re-consider the decision to delay re-opening until the end of April.”


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