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Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Our highly qualified opted-in email subscriber base is a valuable opportunity for communicating your message directly. Specially targeted lists for sectoral members and a dedicated subscriber list of independent retail buyers enable you to reach the independent contacts you want to with the added weight of bira’s name. We consistently achieve higher than industry average open rates and subscriber engagement.

Regular newsletters


EDMs (eshots)

bira member newsletter

Services EDM

Twice a month, c500 One per week £250
Editorial based and linking to the members magazine to drive traffic to the site, this newsletter offers exclusive access to approved bira partners opportunities for native content. Solus electronic direct mailshot to whole membership or selected target audience with links and follow up stats. Exclusive to bira approved service partners.

BAGMA member newsletter

‘Super Deal of the Day’ eshot

Monthly c780 One per week £199
Editorial digest linked to the BAGMA Bulletin magazine, this newsletter offers commercial opportunities to BAGMA partners and advertisers. Solus eshot to targeted buyers with links and follow up stats. Exclusive to bira direct appointed suppliers; to be considered, your ‘deal’ really must be ‘super’ and time limited.