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Awards 2018

It's time to shine

You’re entrepreneurial. We understand that you’ve worked hard to build your business into what it is today and you’re proud of it. Now it’s time to shine.

The bira awards recognise and reward the very best in our industry, showcasing the talent, hard work, innovation and achievements of bira members. Click on the name of each of the awards below to view the full description or nominate yourself, business, employee or colleague by clicking on the ‘nominate’ link.


Award Categories

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Independent retail business of the year award 2018.+

Whatever your business edge, every independent business has one, we’d like to hear yours.

This award highlights business owners that are looking to celebrate the achievements of their business as a whole and what has made their shop stand out from others on the high street. Provide us with details on what makes your business unique and what keeps your customers coming back.

Independent retail employee of the year award 2018.+

Stand up and shout about your achievements or those of individuals you know.
This award recognises anyone from managers to members of the sales team. So much of the time, it’s the efforts of specific individuals that drive change to achieve new things and to make a difference within a business.

Independent team of the year award 2018.+

So, whatever size your team comes in, we’d like to hear about them.
This award is for every single business owner that would be lost without their team. We know running a business requires endless amounts of hard work, it can sometimes seem impossible to juggle everything and a reliable force behind you is essential.

Charitable champion award 2018.+

Celebrate your achievements and win £1,000 for your local charity.
This award is for those who sacrifice time, money and support for a cause close to their heart. While working with retailers of all kinds, we’ve seen that being a charitable champion can often come hand in hand with independent retail.

Local hero award 2018.+

Celebrate your achievements and win £1,000 for your local community.
This award is for those that work hard not only for their business but for their local community too. We know that local support can make a big difference to independent retail so this award gives something back to those individuals that give extra time and effort to keep the surrounding society thriving.

bira direct Awards 2018+

Best Marketing Award
Supplier of the Year

Honorary Member+

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