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Exclusive Bira benchmarking index available to all Bira members – where do you rank?

The Bira index, which benchmarks the social media performance of all Bira members, has just been made available to all Bira members.

As an exclusive benefit to Bira members, the Bira index helps our members benchmark their social media performance against all other Bira members, allowing all members to benefit and learn from each other.

The index was created by Maybe* in partnership with Bira. Maybe* is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered platform that helps businesses and organisations improve their results on social media.

With case studies showing increases in footfall and sales of up to 20% with Bira member Keith Scarrott, the Maybe* platform, and the Bira index, is a benefit all members should take advantage of.

Bira members have unlimited free access to the Bira index and extensive social media training and webinars provided by Maybe*.

We know that an increase in social media activity is linked to increases in sales and footfall. We’ve proven time and time again that by engaging with the right content on social media businesses can see tangible improvements in their results.

 We use AI to remove the guesswork from social media. Our platform prioritises the content you should be engaging with everyday, making it easy for everyone to see results and grow their audience.Polly Barnfield OBE, Founder and CEO of Maybe*

The index is created by measuring the daily output of social media activity, engagement, and audience size of each Bira member. It looks at activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Updated every day, any Bira member can log into the Maybe* platform and see where they rank and how their position changes on a daily basis.

The index allows members to see the businesses who rank above and below them, and has links to those business’ social media feeds and websites. This allows all Bira members to learn from each other and share their successes.

Businesses in the top ten positions in the Bira index today include Cooks of Trentham, Maison By Emma Jane, The Big Sheep Shop, Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd, and Natural Health. The ranking of a business on social media is determined by their activity  across all channels and their follower numbers.

Over the coming months as more members join the index we look forward to sharing how their social media performance is impacting their businesses.

social index
The Bira Index

In addition to the Bira index and the unlimited free training, Maybe* also offers Bira members the ability to see who is talking about them online, to see what people are saying and the sentiment of those comments, and – through the power of AI – prioritise which posts and content you should respond to first. This is all available through the Maybe* dashboard, which all Bira members can access.

social index
The Bira member dashboard

Maybe* is a platform that is tailored to all levels of social media experience. For beginners, their training will help you set up your accounts and get started. For intermediate users, Maybe* will help you tailor your content and grow your audience. And for experienced users, Maybe* taps into conversions beyond those about your business and helps your find new customers, grow your audience, and increase your engagement.

Bira members can log into the Maybe* platform today to see how well they are performing from the members’ section of the Bira website.

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