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Bira Direct Supplier Dartington Crystal win at Gift of the Year Awards

Bira Direct are please to announce three of it’s suppliers have had wins at 2019 Gift of the Year Awards. The Gift of the year awards celebrate the best in home and gift retailing, the Gift of The Year Awards announced at this years Springfair are the industries go-to for innovative new products. Dartington Crystal have won in the category for best gift under £10 with the Whiskey Experience.

“We are delighted that our Whisky Experience Glass was named as a winner in the recent Gift of the Year Awards. We developed this glass to truly enhance the pleasure of drinking while remaining as an affordable gift that is both practical and aesthetically appealing. The glass recognises whisky as much more than just a drink, but as an experience that engages all of the senses. The wide bowl allows for a generous amount of swirling, encouraging the spirit to ‘open up’ and release its aromas, while appreciating the whisky’s colour and appearance. Its tall body and slightly tapered rim focus the aromas and delivers the liquid in a narrow stream, mid palate. Retailing at just £6.95 and supplied in attractive gift tube packaging, it is a gift that any whisky lover would be pleased to receive.”

Richard Halliday, Commercial Director, Dartington Crystal

If you’d like to order The Whiskey Experience contact the sales office on 01805 626 225 or email, please quote your bira membership number.