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bira urges Government to think about how they can help the high street thrive

Now that the general election is over, it is down to the new Government to ensure that the potential of an unstable political climate in the UK is minimised, and that consumer confidence is not knocked.  After all, a third of consumer spending goes through retail, and therefore strong policies are needed to ensure this continues in the future. With this in mind, it will not be enough for this Government to just promise a review of business rates at some point, and speak about their support of the high street. Instead, the Government need to think carefully about how they can help the high street to thrive, and ensure it can effectively stand strong considering its current onslaught from online retailing.

Indeed, every single legislative decision made will be thoroughly scrutinised by both the Commons and the Lords before every vote and therefore the Government will have to prove every policy put forward is progressive and effective.  We therefore look forward to ensuring this Government has the best information – from the front line – meaning that we will be fully engaged to help them make the right policy decisions, for the good of the industry as a whole.