19 Nov 2021

Bira Launches new online marketplace Neartoo

This week Bira launches it's new online marketplace Neartoo. Neartoo is a collaborative platform born out of a desire to see independent businesses thrive. 

The website provides independent retailers with a new, cost-effective way to sell online, helping them build their presence both locally and nationally.

The UK-wide platform open to all types of retail is owned by indies, exclusively for indies, and will operate at significantly lower sales commission than its competitors.

Developed in the wake of the pandemic, which resulted in at least one in five independents close for good, the nationally-advertised platform offers indies the chance to rebuild and grow their business on a platform designed for them.

Benefits include:

  • 7% commission and minimal transaction fees
  • Sychronise with Woocomerce and Shopify
  • One-click uploads
  • Click-and-collect and delivered options
  • Platform to boost your social and digital footprint
  • 24/7 local support and online tutorials

Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre said;

Above all else Bira wants independent retailers to succeed and that is why we have developed Neartoo. This new online trading platform will allow indie retailers to sell online, arrange click and collect and really engage with local customers - and all at a lower cost than any other similar marketplace by charging only 7% commission. We have made it easy to use and you can even transfer your information from an existing platform like Shopify to our new platform. We honestly believe Neartoo will help retailers to sell more and make more money. All we need now is for you, as members, to sign up and be part of an exciting new venture

Andrew Goodacre, Bira CEO

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