26 Feb 2019

Cyber Aware #LifeUpdates campaign launches

The Cyber Aware #LifeUpdates campaign launches on the 27th February. The campaign aims to encourage people to act on the simple tasks we all put off doing.

Cyber Aware (formerly Cyber Streetwise) aims to drive behaviour change amongst small businesses and individuals so that they adopt simple secure online behaviours to help protect themselves from cybercriminals. All research and guidance is based on expert advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ.

Cyber Aware is a cross-government awareness and behaviour change campaign delivered by the Home Office in conjunction with Department of Culture, Media & Sport alongside the National Cyber Security Centre, and funded by the National Cyber Security Programme in the Cabinet Office.

The latest campaign from Cyber Aware explores how members of the public often delay completing small tasks, even though doing them would be to their benefit. Cyber Aware strives to educate and inspire small business owners to tick off simple tasks (from installing the latest software and app updates, dealing with tax returns or updating our contacts) to save them a lot of stress – and potentially money.

Cyber Aware says "While the risks of a cyber-attack are relatively high for SMEs, the steps they could take to protect themselves are actually really simple."

Find out how you can protect your business in the Bira Cyber Aware hub.