16 Jun 2021

New areas added to Government list where travel 'discouraged'

The Government has added to its list of areas where travel in and out of is discouraged.

They are now asking people in Birmingham, Blackpool, Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Liverpool City Region and Warrington to remain within their regions. It follows a rise in the number of cases of coronavirus cases of the Delta (Indian) variant.

It's the same advice that was previously issued to a range of places, including Bedford, Blackburn, Greater Manchester, Kirklees, Lancashire, Leicester, the London Borough of Hounslow and North Tyneside Council. We reported that guidance here

It means means that while measures are generally easing despite a delay in the complete end of restrictions, huge parts of the country are actually under travel restrictions, albeit as guidance rather than laws that can be enforced.

Read the full guidance here

Retailers are urged to do their part in helping reliable information about Covid-19 reaches their staff and other members of the community. More here

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