06 Mar 2020

Bira's five-point plan to Save Our Shops (SOS)

A five-point plan to Save Our Shops (SOS) has been issued by Bira.

It's the key feature of Bira's forthcoming manifesto which focuses on what can be done to better support independent retail businesses and minimise the burden on them.

Bira is asking for the following:

  • Urgent business rates reform - the current system is outdated and unfair
  • Improved parking and accessibility to high streets and towns to boost footfall
  • Preventative action, and extra support, for retailers affected by crime
  • Provision to support and encourage new businesses with tax allowances
  • Fairer implementation of the new Digital Service Tax to generate more income from the large internet businesses.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira's CEO, said: "Without radical change, more businesses will close and the sight of empty shops and buildings will be prevalent in every town and on every high street. This is why Bira is issuing its new SOS manifesto."

To access the latest information on Bira's campaign work and manifesto to support independent retail business click on the button below.