16 Mar 2021

Summer Promotion: JD Brands

Summer Promotion: JD Brands

JD Brands develop, manufacture, license and distribute innovative products to the DIY trade market in a way that ensures consumers understand the products and the needs for them.

JD Brands

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This unique offering creates a vortex in the liquid which mixes anything in less than 30 seconds. It can bring old, settled, split paint back to normal and mix heavy-duty paints, grout, paste, plaster, adhesives, chemicals, and much more.

The tool will safely rest against the bottom without damaging or splitting the tin/container, ensuring no spillages. Cyklone is currently being used in Dulux Training Centres and recommended by them personally. It is also due to be stocked into brewers, Homebase, B&Q and Dulux decorating centers.

Cyklone Bio

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