16 Mar 2020

BAGMA creates a new Training and Education Group

Peter Arrand, President of BAGMA, has instigated a new BAGMA Training and Education Group to meet the landbased industry requirements for recruitment, retention and development and the ever more complex requirements for apprenticeships and funding levels.

The Training and Education Group will be made up by representatives from dealers, training providers, colleges and manufacturers who will meet several times a year.

Dealer representation relating to the LBE sector training and education issues has not been very strong and it is hoped that this new group will be able to contribute more to the details of the ever changing training landscape.

It is expected that the new BAGMA T&E Group will work alongside the industries Landbased Engineering Training and Education Committee, LE-TEC, feeding in relevant activities and information via BAGMA’s representative on the LE-TEC Board.

The first meeting of the new group took place on the 26th February hosted by JCB at their Global learning Training Centre, Uttoxeter. Fourteen people attended the meeting from a variety of companies including dealerships, colleges, training providers, JCB and BAGMA staff. The first meeting was held to discuss the current training and education situation in industry, apprenticeships and the proposed T Qualifications and recruitment and retention and to get feedback from those present.

Outcomes of the meeting were a general feeling that current apprenticeships do not fully prepare individuals for the workplace and that the dealer still needs to provide a lot of on the job training and mentoring. There was discussion around a one year ‘pre apprentice programme’ that would prepare people for a full apprenticeship. It was also felt that in many cases younger people, 16 years old or so, are not really ready for the disciplines involved in an apprenticeship or work based learning.

The absence, in some cases, of workbooks or evidence portfolios with the new apprentice schemes was a concern as apprentices would not have any point of reference or evidence of work carried out.

The group was treated to a tour of the JCB Experience and history museum guided by Anthony Westwood, Senior Product Training Specialist at JCB.

It is expected that more companies will be invited to attend future meetings to expand the scope of the meeting as well as representatives from government organisations as circumstances require.

For more information on the BAGMA Training and Education Group please contact Starra Redmond, group administrator or Peter Arrand, Chairman BAGMA T&E Group.

education group
The group met to discuss how to improve recruitment rates within the sector, and also enjoyed a tour of the JCB museum