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Duncan Mackay

Joint Owner of Mackays of Cambridge

Session title: Annual Retailer Address.

About the session: Duncan will alongside his brother and son-in-law, share their exciting journey of building a successful independent business from a single instruction from their father to ‘go and make yourself a business’.

About Mackays of Camrbidge: “A fine business you have here, I would like to buy it.” This very direct offer was put by Donald Mackay to the owner of Alsop & Sons Wheelwright business. The deal was struck with a handshake over the anvil. So began the Mackay family business on the East Road site in June 1912.

Mackays has always been flexible and moved into and out of markets as fashions and demands changed. We may look old fashioned but we certainly move with the times. Our traditional markets Hand Tools , Power Tools , Ironmongery and Fasteners & Fixings have been widened to include Ladders & Access equipment , Personal Protection equipment and Garden Tools .

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