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Free Temporary Membership Support Package

Free Temporary Membership Support Package

To support independent retail businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak, Bira are providing UK independent retail businesses with temporary membership of the Association for three months for a nominal fee of £1, £5 or £10, all proceeds of which will be donated to the Rainy Day Trust. Any UK independent retailer can sign up for membership until Tuesday 30th June 2020 and that access can be used for the next three months.

This temporary membership is being provided to give retail businesses access to nearly all our membership benefits and use what they need to help them to get through some horrendously difficult months ahead, including the ability to quickly sell your products online and educational content to help you to market online. 

Important: Access to our Bira Legal telephone support service is available through this temporary membership package, however legal expenses cover is only available to fully paid Bira members.

We are working with Ellis Whittam, our legal partner and other partners, to provide a range of guides and document templates relating to employee safety, home working, risks assessments, and other resources through the Bira website and through our new Corona Hub.   Our membership team is also ready to accept calls if retailers have any questions at all, so even if you cannot find what are looking for on the Bira website, give us a call and we’ll help to the best of our efforts.   Finally, please be aware that due to extreme call volumes, we may need to restrict telephone access from time to time over coming weeks.

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If over the coming weeks, if  we can help more, we will.   Please do take up this offer if it can do anything to help your business during this crisis and let other retailers know too. 


Together, we can overcome this crisis!

In addition to all the service benefits our members get, our Coronavirus Support Package includes: 

  • Employment advice: Access to an exclusive portal with the latest advice on Coronavirus related employment advice, including a Coronavirus risk assessment and example policy. 
  • Sell online: We’ve worked with our e-commerce partner to provide three months of free rental to sell your products online whilst footfall has taken a dramatic drop. 
  • Quickly reduced utility bills: Every little helps at times like this, so Utility Options will do the hard work for you to review your utility bills and reduce costs where they can 
  • Quick access to our buying group: Order stock from 2000 brands and special order terms that would be difficult for an individual retail business to achieve.
  • Free social media guidanceSo you can keep engaged with your customers whilst they stay in their homes over the coming weeks and months.  
  • Employment advice: Access to an exclusive portal with the latest advice on Coronavirus related employment advice, including a Coronavirus risk assessment and example policy. 
  • Social distancing signs and screens: Discount on signage including sneeze guards, floor stickers, posters and sanitisation stations
  • A voice for your business: Access to the Membership email and phone line for you to let us know what your key concerns are so we can take them to Government

Make a small donation to the Rainy Day Trust charity today to receive your temporary Bira membership, which will last for three months.   If you don’t want to continue with your subscription after the three months, that’s fine, as long as we know we’ve helped.  

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