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Discretionary Business Rates – bira’s reaction to delays

Of course bira understand now that the starting gun has been triggered regarding the election that there is very little time for civil servants and ministers to undertake all of the commitments they had made during the last few weeks of this Government.

However, considering that the Government has gone to the trouble to undertake a review regarding how businesses can be helped with the increased burden of higher business rates, and come to the conclusion that they would be able to assist to the tune of £300m in a discretionary fund, bira believes that it would be in everyones best interests if the Government pledged within their manifesto that this promise would still stand.

After all, even though it will have little effect regarding the overall problem of the business rates system, which should be fundamentally reviewed, this fund is still a welcome plaster for some small businesses.  Of course, pledging to maintain this fund in a maniesto will not deal with the issue of delay regarding its roll out, which some businesses will undoubtedly find very frustrating as they are dealing with the increased burdens on their businesses. However, bira do believe that it would show that the Government were still standing by what they had promised to deliver, even through tumultuous times.