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Future High Street Conferences 2020

Date: Wed 03 Jun

Venue(s): Nottingham Conference Centre, Burton Street, Nottingham NG1 4BU

If more town teams, business improvement districts (BIDs), councils and businesses knew about the successes and achievements of other areas, they would be inspired and empowered to take that knowledge, insight and example forward into their own communities.

So, following its very well received inaugural event, the Future High Street Summit has become the platform for innovators to share their success stories with like-minded individuals who believe in a positive future for their local high streets, towns and village centres.

These attendees leave the summit fired up with motivation and inspiration – well equipped to take those ideas back to their own communities, adapt them where needed, and take them forward for the benefit of their area.

As well as the Future High Street Summit, Clare Bailey, was Clare Rayner, and her team have been producing the highly regarded bi-annual event, ‘The Retail Conference‘, since 2007.

Conference #1

Focus on footfall

The Focus on Footfall Conference is one of two annual events produced by the Future High Street Summit team. Here, delegates will be looking at the tools, techniques and technologies needed to measure and understand, maintain and increase the footfall on our high streets

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Conference #2

Digital, Innovation and Technology

Also one of two annual events, The Digital, Innovation and Technology Conference focuses on the transformational impact that digital, innovation and technology is having on the consumer, on businesses and on high streets, towns and city centres.

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