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Premium Light Pro knowledge workshop series

Date: Thu 15 Feb

Time: 9:30

Venue(s): LIA Academy - Telford

The Energy Saving Trust is proud to present the first UK event for ‘Premium Light Pro’, in collaboration with the Lighting Industry Academy.

The Premium Light Pro initiative focuses on the implementation of next-level energy efficient LED lighting systems (indoor and outdoor) in both the public and private sector. The main target of this programme is to support the implementation of high quality and efficient lighting solutions by appropriate instruments and services.

This one day training session, aimed at the SME sector, will be delivered by the Lighting Industry Academy and aims to offer support for the implementation of indoor lighting systems and enable attendees to understand, specify and procure high quality lighting for their business or organisation. The training will target design, technology, management and funding issues and address the major barriers and challenges for improving lighting, with a focus on LED solutions. The training day will also feature a tour of the LIA’s testing laboratory to enable attendees to understand some of the testing that lighting products undergo.

Upgrading lighting in non-domestic premises offers a huge energy and cost saving opportunity for both individual businesses and our national energy demand as a whole.  With the commercial sector accounting for 70% of lighting energy demand, it’s estimated that around 14 billion kWh could be saved through low-energy lighting – around the same amount produced by a nuclear power station. And when polled by The Grocer as part of the 2015 ‘Switch the Lights’ campaign, 85% of businesses who had already made the jump to LED reported that this had caused “highly beneficial” or “beneficial” savings to maintenance budgets.

Who should attend?

This training course is suitable for a wide audience, including staff with no previous knowledge or experience with lighting. In particular it will be useful to SME owners and staff that have an interest in lighting, or are responsible for making decisions on lighting and considering upgrades in the near future, as well as installers and designers working in this capacity.

For more information about Premium Light Pro, please visit – or follow @PremiumLightProFor more information about event, please contact


What to expect from the show

Event outline

The full day of training will be split into four core structured elements as follows:

  1. Understanding fundamentals of light and the opportunity LED lighting offers
  • An introduction to lighting
  • The current state of play on LED lighting
  • The change of scope offered by LED technology
  • Myth-busting
  • The pitfalls of colour, glare and flicker
  • Controlling light to save energy
  1. Technical background to lighting and the changes in the lighting industry
  • Light sources and luminaires
  • Standards and legislation
  • Controls and the changes
  • Manufacturers data sheets
  • Technical jargon
  • Tour of lab (possible video for non Telford events) Control strategies
  • Manual and automatic control systems
  • Energy saving strategies
  1. Considering your lighting installation, where to save energy and factors to consider
  • Design – from small to large installations
  • Right light, right place and how to use daylight
  • Using natural light for energy efficiency
  • Using controls and the benefits
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Human centric lighting
  • Learning from best practice
  • Maintenance requirements
  1. The benefits and numbers
  • Investing in lighting, project costing and LCC analysis
  • Quality and cost – the differences
  • Performance claims
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Funding information
  • Summary and conclusions

This cost has been subsidised by the Horizon 2020 Premium Light Pro Programme and includes lunch and refreshments. Spaces are limited to 20, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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