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Premium Light Pro – Workshops for Retailers and SMEs

Date: Mon 18 Mar

Venue(s): TBC

The Energy Saving Trust, through the Premium Light Pro project, will be running a series of training and support events for retailers and SMEs, in March 2019. The project, funded by Horizon 2020 aims to help businesses access the major energy and carbon savings potential from moving to efficient lighting. Across the nation, savings from lighting really add up. Even if each of the UK’s 280,000 retailers changed just two fluorescent tubes to LED equivalents, we’d save over £8 million per year on electricity costs.

If you are considering a lighting upgrade to your store, the free regional workshops can help. Starting with a business breakfast, the half-day sessions will outline the support resources available, including a guidance brochure explaining technical lighting terms, quality checks and design and procurement criteria that can be used in tenders. We’ll also cover some of the funding options available, including equipment loans from the bira bank.

The workshop also includes a short classroom session with an expert trainer from the Lighting Industry Academy to provide you with the information you need to oversee the right lighting for your business. Some training sessions will include a demonstration tour, bringing to life the benefits of quality products and showing how controls can add to the savings.

Current confirmed workshop dates and locations are as follows. Click the link below to pre-register for your nearest regional event.

18th March, Durham
19th March, Sunderland
21st March, Cardiff
26th March, Birmingham
27th March, London

Business Breakfast and Briefing
• Breakfast on arrival
• Overview of the Premium Light Pro project, run by Energy Saving Trust
• Receive the project’s guidelines and procurement criteria brochures
• Funding information from campaign supporters

Session 1 – Introduction to LED Lighting and Controls
• The cost and environmental benefits of upgrading lighting
• Lighting Design: The right light, in the right place, at the right time
• Understanding Technical Terms: Colour rendering, colour temperature, glare, lifetime and control systems

Demonstration of Efficient Lighting Systems and Controls
• Observe LED lighting products and controls in action
• See how lighting affects products and customer experience
• Case studies from companies who have made the switch

Session 2 – Upgrading Considerations
• Product Quality: How to choose a lighting system
• Understanding technical jargon and specification sheets
• Evaluating Suppliers

Questions and Networking