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bira member services frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about your bira member benefits.

Please find below a list questions commonly asked by bira members. If you are struggling to find the answer to any of your queries, please get in touch with the bira membership team by calling 0121 446 6688 or emailing

Can I start using the legal advice line straight away?+

Yes, as soon as your application has been approved you can use the bira legal advice line. We try and get all our applications approved a soon as possible and should only take a two or three working days. We’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know once it’s been approved.

How do I edit my bira direct supplier directory?+

Please login to the website (if you haven't already).
Once you are logged in, head to the bira direct online supplier directory and find your supplier directory page. Once you are on your supplier directory page, you will then be able to edit your supplier information and save your changes for approval. Once your changes have been submitted, they are usually approved and sent live within 48 hours.

To edit your logo or submit new images for the printed version of the supplier directory, please contact Joelle O'toole via email

Where can I view the bira member magazine?+

The bira member magazine is sent to all bira members on a monthly basis.
bira members can also access the online bira member magazine archive or the bira member magazine article pages in the 'Resources' section of the website.

I'm interested in investing in my own business using bira bank, how do I get a quote?+

bira members can receive an instant quote by logging into the website and completing the quote form on the bira bank website.

Alternatively, please speak to David or Frank by calling 0121 446 6688

Is it free to buy products through the buying group?+

Yes, it’s free to use bira direct for bira members.

How do the invoices for bira direct work?+

bira direct simplifies the invoice process when buying from multiple suppliers to stock your shop. Order from as many bira direct suppliers as you need and we’ll will send you one invoice for the total amount. We’ll sort out the rest.

I use bira direct - how do I set up electronic invoicing from suppliers?+

bira direct have now made it easier to keep all of your invoices in one place. The new bira direct Invoice Manager, available to all bira members, will provide you with an easy-to-use tool for accessing your business invoices.

Click here to learn more about electronic invoicing

Where can I view the bira direct terms and conditions?+

I want to take advantage of pre-negotiated terms through bira direct, what do I do?+

Acceptance of bira Associate Membership does not automatically guarantee bira direct supplier or bira approved service partner status. Both retailers and suppliers will have to go through credit check before being approved to use this service.

For more information please contact the bira direct team here

What suppliers are included in the buying group?+

You can find the full list of bira direct suppliers here – they’re made up of suppliers from the following product sectors; Cookshop, Glass & Chinaware, Tabletop, Giftware, Housewares, Hardware, DIY, Hand & Power tools, Electrical, Home décor, Pet products, Gardening.

What are the bira preferential credit card rates?+

Members can enquire about the full rate matrix suited to their business from the Member Area of the website, by logging into the website (if you haven't already) and heading to the Card Processing rates page

If you are not yet a member, our membership team will be happy to chat you through the rates available for members, give them a call on 0800 028 0245.

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