2021 Bira Direct Voucher

Reserve your voucher for £100 off any one order over £300 (+VAT) at Exclusively Shows 2021. Collect your voucher from EH457.*

*One voucher per member, Bira Direct terms apply. Voucher must be spent at the show and order value must be for orders over £300. Orders must be invoiced through Bira Direct.

Fill in the form below to get up to £100 off any one order over £300+VAT

Bira has a limited amount of hotel rooms available to members attending the show, if you would like to request a complimentary hotel room for the night of 24th August 2021 tick the button below and a member of our team will come back to you. 

You agree that the information provided will be used to provide you with information (by email) by Bira, any divisions, subsidiary companies and all third parties (henceforth referred to as “the Group”), which we believe may be of interest or benefit to you. For more information, please visit the Bira terms page.