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Get ready for Marxman on Dragons Den

The Dragon’s Den re-air of MarXman is showing this Sunday at 7pm pn BBC2. This always provides a great opportunity to remind customers about the product.

  • Have you enough stock? – if not why not order today! Send you orders through to
  • Ensure you have marXman™ stock positioned on your counter – this gives you the opportunity to gain sales through a talking point. The Dragon’s Den re-air is showing at 7pm on Sunday 11 June, so make sure you tell your customers this week.
  • Social media – are you using Twitter, Facebook etc to add posts before the show and after the show to let your customers know you are selling the pen. Make sure you tag MarXman™ in on any posts with @marXmanpen so we can retweet and share your posts.
  • Shout about it on your website – make sure marXman™ is front and centre on your home page. We have attached a great banner to help with this (see below). If you need additional images please get in touch.This will double as promotion for your business too!


marxman banner