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Halloween retail spending to reach £472 million this year

A report by Verdict Retail reveals Halloween spending is likely to reach £472million this year, which is a smaller increase than in recent years. Here are their findings:


Attitudes and activities

57.5% of consumers feel that Halloween is a waste of money, while nearly three-quarters (72.3%) think Halloween has become far too commercial

Last Halloween, 11.2% of consumers carved a pumpkin, 6.8% took the kids trick or treating and 5.7% decorated the inside of the home


Halloween decorations

Of those that purchased Halloween decorations, the most popular retailer used was Asda (26.6%)

When buying Halloween decorations for the home, low prices were the most important driver of store choice

Last year saw 21.4% of consumers purchasing pumpkins. With Halloween falling on a Saturday last year, paired with the event coinciding with the Rugby World Cup Final, this meant consumers were likely to be socializing during the day as well as the evening, giving Halloween decorations a boost


Clothing and costume products

Of those that purchased Halloween clothing and costume products, the most popular retailer used was Asda (24.8%)

Supermarkets were the most popular purchase channel for clothing and costume products, used by 43.5% of clothing and costume purchasers last year


Halloween food products

Of those that purchased Halloween food products, the most popular retailer used was Tesco (25.7%)

12.4% of consumers purchased Halloween themed chocolate, with 14.2% purchasing Halloween themed sweets and candy


Entertainment and stationery

Of those that purchased Halloween entertainment products, the most popular retailer used was Asda (22.1%)


Greg Bromley, Senior Analyst at Verdict Retail, comments: “Wider growing consumer uncertainty and the possibility of price rises in the shops, paired with the event falling on a Monday this year–compared to a Saturday last year – will all affect total retail spending on Halloween. In spite of this, we expect spending on Halloween to increase by 2.6% to reach £472m – a sound increase, but a slower level of growth than we have witnessed in the past few years.


To win the greatest share of consumer spend, participating retailers must look to offer sharp prices on the ‘Halloween essentials’; such as pumpkins, decorations for the home, and fancy dress, while offering immersive and engaging visual merchandising to drive interest and footfall to stores”.


Unless otherwise stated, all sources of information are derived from Verdict Retail’s own research and should be referenced to Verdict Retail.