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High Street 2030 report backs Bira’s ideas

BIRA’S LONG-STANDING ARGUMENT that business rates need replacing has been endorsed by MPs in a report, High Streets and Town Centres in 2030.

Describing business rates as “increasingly outdated and far from ideal”, the 78-page document from the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee states: “We believe that high streets and town centres can survive, and thrive, by 2030 if they adapt.”

Bira CEO Andrew Goodacre, who took part in the inquiry alongside Martin Foster of Bira member Lakeland Leather, said: “We broadly agree with the report’s findings and recommendations. We are pleased to see it being recognised that independent retail businesses will be crucial in providing the diversity and quality retail experience demanded by the consumers. It is important for MPs to realise high streets are not just about major chains and that independents do and will continue to play a key role.”

Click here to read the full High Street 2030 report