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Have the largest retailers given up on shop theft?

ANTI-SHOP THEFT CAMPAIGNER Neil Mackay is urging bira, through its membership of the British Retail Consortium, to keep up the pressure on large retailers to report stealing from stores to the police.

He believes statistics surrounding shop theft are very inaccurate as many retailers no longer bother to report incidences of stealing, largely because police have themselves downgraded the seriousness of the crime.

“A clothing chain store manager I know told me that in his branch alone they had stock worth over £42,000 at cost stolen in a 6-week period prior to last Christmas,” says Neil, who runs Mackays of Cambridge with his brother Duncan. “Astonishingly, not one of those crimes was reported to the local police as senior staff at the company’s head office regarded it as not worthy of management time to do so.”

As part of his long-standing campaign, Neil is often quoted in his local and national media and earlier this year he attended and contributed to a debate on shop theft in one of the committee rooms of the Houses of Parliament.

bira wants to hear from you about your experiences with shop theft. Is it on the increase in your shop or your area? What is the attitude of the local police? Please share your views via editorial@