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social media benchmarking
By Bira

A definite Maybe* deal

Maybe* helps retailers see results from social media and it is now offering a free trial for all Bira members. Polly Barnfield OBE, founder of Maybe*, explains the service.

How would you describe Maybe*?

The Maybe* platform helps retailers use social media to deliver results.

The easy-to-use, patent-pending platform uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enable retailers to listen to and engage with their customers through all social media platforms, to benchmark their performance, and to optimise the ROI (Return on Investment) of all their activity.

How did the company come about?

In just 14 years social media has transformed the way people communicate and shop.

  • There are now 3bn social media users
  • 71% of all internet users have a social media account
  • The average active user spends 100 minutes on social media a day

Simply put, social media has changed the dynamics of doing business.

Some 81% of consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts, which means if you’re not part of the online conversation you’re missing out.

We built Maybe* to help retailers benefit from social media, to make it easy for them to see who is talking about them, what they’re saying, and give clear activities to interact with customers to grow their audiences and see results.

What are retailers getting wrong in social media?

Many retailers forget that social media is a conversation. A conversation where someone only talks about themselves and doesn’t listen is tedious. A great conversation includes back and forth and engagement with what each other is saying.

This directly translates to social media in three simple ways:

  • Don’t just post about yourself. Instead, ask your customers to join you in a conversation. Questions like “What do you think?” or “Do you like this?” next to a photo go a long way to including your audience in a conversation.
  • Understand what your customers want to hear from you – repeat what works.
  • Remember, it’s not just about the content you’re posting. The key to success is engaging with what your customers are saying.

The Maybe* platform helps retailers understand what content their audience likes best and gives daily activities to help retailers connect with and engage directly with their customers. This is what will deliver sales and growth.

In Cheltenham, Maybe* worked with Bira member Keith Scarrott Shoes, to help the business engage with its customers and understand what content works for them. “The best bit is that it’s mainly new business, not existing customers. That’s what excites me,” says CEO Sophie Scarrott.

The Maybe* Dashboard, highlighting the key metrics needed to improve your results.

Why do our members need you?

Maybe* offers every Bira member the tools to benchmark their social media performance and to better engage with and use social media to improve their results.

In addition, every month we reveal to all Bira members trends and insights of what is being said about gifting, homeware & cookware, and DIY & hardware on social media.

Shortly we will be launching a Bira-only index that will reveal how each member is performing on social and will provide the training and support to help them improve their performance.

What is the offer for members?

All Bira members are invited to sign up for a 30-day free trial and then receive an ongoing 20% discount and access to unlimited social media training.


Use social media to increase footfall

Get connected with your customers through Maybe*
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