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business rates appeals, british independent retailers association
By bira

Business rates appeals system stalls in chaos

Fighting for a fairer business rates system will continue to be a priority for bira in 2018 even though the government, which appears interested only in Brexit, insists the current system is working. Recently-released government figures revealed that since new rateable values for non-domestic properties were introduced in England in April 2017 only 0.3% of assessments have been challenged. It is highly improbable, bira believes, that only a tiny number of English businesses are unhappy with their rates bill. The real cause of the massive decline in the number of challenges is the new appeal process introduced by West-minster to coincide with the new rating list.

The Scottish and Welsh governments sensibly decided to stick with the former systems.

In England the new Check, Challenge, Appeal system was introduced in April with government promises of greater transparency, earlier resolution of cases and significantly quicker refunds of overpaid rates. It has failed spectacularly to deliver any of these benefits.

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