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By bira

Glasswells revamps its flagship

Glasswells, the bury St Edmunds-based, family-owned, home furnishings specialist, will complete a massive reconfiguration of its flagship this year when the atrium of its Newmarket Road store is overhauled.

Owner Paul Glasswell admitted 2017, the company’s 70th anniversary, had been a busy year. As well as updating the Newmarket Road store, it opened new premises in Sudbury (as reported in bira magazine Nov/Dec).

Paul said: “We last carried out big works in Bury St Edmunds in 2003 and while it has stood the test of time, we felt last year’s anniversary was a great chance to look at the infrastructure and carry out some big changes.

“Our first phase was to hold a big clearance Sale in the summer. We then started on the second phase around the furniture section and replaced all the flooring. It (was) a bit chaotic at times, but I must thank our customers for their loyal support.”

The budget for the entire project will exceed £1m. Paul said: “Since 1946, we have been very proud of our Suffolk roots. This shows our commitment to this area.”

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