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Black and Blum range say goodbye to plastic. bira direct Footfall Drivers 2018. British independent retailers association
By Bira

Goodbye plastic, you won’t be missed

HELLO, we’re Black and Blum and we don’t like plastic. We’re an award-winning design company that produces collections of food and drink on-the-go products, including our unique charcoal filtered water bottles and carafes.

In all we do, we promote living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and providing retailers with the products to sell that do just that. We know that consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce packaging and food waste, there’s a big demand.

There have been plenty of celebrities championing a zero-waste lifestyle, but the most palpable difference for the UK market appears to have been made by David Attenborough, following his Blue Planet II series which aired towards the end of last year. Since the turn of 2018, we have noticed a marked shift in our customer mentality with many refusing to stock any products that have plastic in them.

This has coincided nicely with the launch of our first stainless steel collection at Exclusively Housewares in June, which was recognised by Scarlet Opus, the specialist trends forecasting company, as an Eco 2.0 trend for 2019, celebrating environmental awareness by the consumer. The Exclusively Show Review talks about “a recognition and acceptance, that we each have individual responsibility and accountability, for our personal impact on the environment and society.” Landfill concerns are becoming more prevalent and this is encouraging consumers to search for more cradle to cradle concepts, that inspire sustainability without any detrimental ecological impact.

One final thing we would like to mention is ‘green-washing’. In the housewares industry, one example of this is the rapid dissemination of bamboo fibre products that are claiming complete biodegradability even though many of the products have melamine resin in them thus rendering them impossible to fully break down. All claims such as these should be given their due diligence to ensure the retailers stocking these brands don’t lose any credibility.

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