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Taylor's Eye Witness knives.
By Bira

Made to last knives, in made to recycle packaging


THE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT team at Taylor’s Eye Witness are famously fast to respond to emerging trends in housewares and gifting. This year, muted shades are very much the in-thing at Taylor’s. Our ever-popular silicone tools are being continually expanded with a carefully-considered palette of discrete, calming and enriching colour tones.

Darker tones juxtaposed with warm metallics such as rose gold and brass are still set to dominate for autumn winter 2018. Look out for our best-selling Brooklyn Rose Gold cheese knives and carving sets– a must-have this Christmas!

But it’s not just about our knifes. Taylor’s Eye Witness understands the growing importance of packageing waste when making buying decisions, particularly when it comes to single-use plastics and how that can help you sell more of our products. With this in mind, Taylor’s next goal is to achieve fully (and easily) recyclable packageing across its entire range and a reduction in packaging volume where possible.

Hard to recycle packaging components are being phased out to be replaced with widely recycled alternatives, while shrink- and bubble wrap products are being limited to polyethylene varieties that can be recycled at supermarkets and at the kerbside in some regions. As proud members of the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme, all Taylor’s packaging is clearly labelled to communicate to consumers how and where packaging can be recycled.

Taylor’s Eye Witness


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