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Save time and money through your Bira member benefits
By bira

Take a few minutes. Save a lot of money.

Whether you joined Bira last week or 25 years ago, you can easily recoup the cost of your membership fee by taking a few quick steps to make full use of Bira’s membership benefits.

OVER THE YEARS we’ve spoken to many hundreds of members who did not know that Bira offers more than 30 services and can help significant savings to be made by switching suppliers. We appreciate that many members sign up on the strength of just one service, then never get round to going through the full membership pack.
The expert team at Bira works very hard to find you the best savings on essential services for independent retailers. Often members believe they are on the best tariffs or rates already, but by taking the few simple steps detailed here you can easily check on what savings Bira can deliver. In the current challenging climate, every saving is an improvement to the bottom line.

We’ve made the checking process easier than ever by selecting a few membership benefits here. All can be done in 30 minutes if you have your membership number, your Bira website log-in, bank statements, insurance documents etc to hand. It won’t be time wasted, we assure you.

1. Card Processing

(Checking takes two minutes)

Members make an average saving of £516* when they switch to Global Payments through Bira. Rates are as low as 0.890% (subject to ATV and turnover) and there is no authorisation fee. There is no joining or set-up fees (which can be £150 normally). You get next-day crediting with cleared funds if you bank with HSBC Bank. If you are new to HSBC, you will also get three month’s free terminal rental. If you bank else-where, the monthly terminal rental is £12.95 plus VAT.

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