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Security: Keeping your business safe again burglaries
By bira

Getting smart about security: prevention is better than cure

We’ve asked experts on security products to tell us what they think about new smart technology and what are the best methods for protecting your business and homes.

Are you selling home security products to your customers, but neglecting to protect your own business adequately?

Or do you want to put some smart measures in place to make it harder for your business or home to be a target of crime?

Matt Parkes from German security specialist Burg-Wachter says smart locks, alarms and CCTV are the current buzzwords when it comes to both shop and home security: “The big trend is definitely towards the “smart home” and integrating locks and alarms as part of this, along-side CCTV.”

The latest products in security technology let you monitor and control your home or business from your smartphone. Wireless security cameras and motion sensors allow you to be miles away and still keep an eye on your property from your phone.

For the home, smart doorbells allow you look at who is outside your property and speak to them even if you aren’t physically there, useful when you need a parcel to be left somewhere. You can also be notified if someone has approached your door and if they are attempting to break in. Some doorbells can sound an alarm or you can speak to the criminal to tell them they are under surveillance.

Last year Burg-Wachter launched a CCTV range and a new smart alarm system called BurgProtect. Matt told us that while it might be scare-mongering, some police forces have informed the public and business owners that unless they collect their own video evidence, the police won’t investigate the crime due to a lack of resources.

Matt added: “That said, when you think about your friends and family, how many have smart locks yet? There is definitely something to be said still for physical locks. We are launching a BSI 3-star euro cylinder which offers maximum security against lock-snapping attacks. Scarily a common weakness in euro cylinders means a criminal can gain access through the door in under a minute, or in seconds in some cases.”

Tom Draper, director of Draper Tools, added: “Adequate lighting is another essential for safe and secure premises. A well-lit area is far less tempting for thieves and if you’ve gone to the trouble of installing CCTV cameras and warning signage, you need it to be seen at all times.”

Draper Tools offers security lighting options featuring cutting-edge COB (chip on board) LED technology, which delivers superbright light and maximum efficiency.

When it comes to advising your customers, Tom added: “Customers need to feel confident the products you stock will protect them, their property and their possessions. It’s one area where cost may not be the driving factor in the decision to purchase. When the security of a home, workplace or possession is at stake, consumers will prioritise reassurance and reliability over cost savings. Stocking security products from a trusted, well-established brand will help provide these assurances to your customers.”

“Locking up valuables and important possessions remains one of the best ways to keep them safe, whether that’s at home or the work-place. For complete peace of mind, a safe is an ideal place to keep valuable items and important documents. So, making safes part of your security range could prove to be a worthwhile investment. Be sure to choose one constructed from solid steel for maximum durability.”

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