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Lesser and Pavey products for eco-conscious consumers.
By Bira

Naturally stylish products for eco-conscious consumers


HI THERE. WE’RE Lesser & Pavey, a leading UK Giftware and Homeware importer founded in 1971. Since then we’ve been supplying the wholesale and retail trade with beautifully packaged, high quality gifts at market-leading prices.

As you would expect, our range of products has diversified hugely since we began. We pride ourselves on staying completely up-to-date with the future trends and are excited about bringing our knowledge and expertise to bira direct members this autumn as part of the Footfall Drivers Campaign.

At this moment in time, we’re experiencing a growing trend in eco-friendly gifts. Of course, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise with the focus on the impact we are all having on the environment being ever-present in the news, but it’s clear consumers are taking this message to heart in their purchasing decisions.

One of our most popular products is our eco-friendly and fully biodegradable Travel Mug. It comes in two sizes and a multitude of designs. They come in fantastic, easy to display counter units and are working exceptionally well as till lines for all types of retailers, particularly those that have to make the very most of their selling space.

As well as the mugs, our line of Bamboo Fibre Children’s Feeding sets, which include a plate, a bowl, a beaker and a fork and spoon, are equally as popular. Again, they come in multiple designs and eco-friendly packaging.

And there will be more. Please do look out for our offers as part of this fantastic campaign bira has put together.

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