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Maybe | #wdyt campaign helps independent retailers increase sale. bira. British Independent Retailers Association
By Bira

#WDYT boosts indie’s sales

Keith Scarrott Shoes in Cheltenham has transformed to a digital business with the Maybe* platform

The #WDYT campaign Maybe*, which was featured on page 25 of the June edition of bira magazine, arrived at exactly the right time for bira member Keith Scarrott Shoes, an independent in Cheltenham that designs and creates stylish shoes and boots for women.

The business, which has been going strong for nearly 45 years, is run by Keith’s daughter Sophie Scarrott, who says: “Maybe* came along at the perfect time for us. We didn’t want to get left behind (in the digital revolution) but we weren’t sure if our target market was online. We weren’t sure if our customer was there and would buy.”

Sophie invested money into her basic website and quickly got results which convinced her the Maybe* platform would work. Sophie and her team now present a collection of between six and 10 products for #WDYT every week.

“The benefits of the platform have been huge for us. It provides content and gets reactions to products. This gives us an early indication of how products are going to sell and great insight into what people think. This has enabled my team to get in an order or reorder much more quickly.

“It also gives us more confidence to introduce new products. We recently asked what people thought of a sports luxe trainer. The feedback showed us the style would be well received. Having identified it was probably going to work, we brought them to store and we’re now on our third repeat.”

Sophie uses social media comments as digital content. She’s found these customer quotes are much more powerful and compelling than saying it themselves. She’s discovered that people aren’t afraid to interact. Her social media followers are loyal customers and really relate to the company. It’s even enabled Sophie to identify a fashion group with which she can regularly communicate.

“Using the #WDYT campaign and the Maybe* platform has definitely enabled us to raise awareness of our products. We have customers coming into the store every day and talking to us about what they’ve seen online,” she says.

Connecting the online and offline experience has proven to be a key competitive edge for Keith Scarrott. “We can make the in-store shopping a really nice experience for them. We have great customer service and well-trained staff. Customers are always very interested in finding out more about our products, such as where they come from and who designed them. We can still add real value by being able to talk this through with them.

“We consider ourselves a digital business now and have seen and continue to see, definite crossover from online to our physical store.”

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