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Your guide to membership

We’re delighted to share your Membership Guide

Your digital copy of the guide can be found further down this page when you're logged in. We'd recommend you downloaded the guide and save it somewhere on your own device. We also have printed copies available on request, so if you’d prefer a hard copy you can request it using the form below.

In the Membership Guide you’ll find:

  • Information on all the services and how to start using them
  • Discounts and savings available
  • Other information on membership and how to get the most out of your benefits

Going Green

This new approach to sharing the Membership Guide with you means we will drastically reduce our overall paper consumption as a business. We hope you’ll support our mission to do our bit for the planet. For those that make good use of their guide and would like a printed version, you may be pleased to know that this years guide has been made out of recycled materials and is fully recyclable too.



Download your membership guide

Bira members can login to access their membership guide here

If you are not yet a member of Bira, visit the service pages of this website to find out more about the benefits available to members.

Alternatively, you can contact our membership team on 0800 028 0245