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New Bira Direct supplier- Dot & Dab Wall Fixing Solved

Dot and dab wall construction (plasterboard over block or brick) represents approximately eighty per cent of the preferred wall construction method in the UK. With Corefix, the fixing from Metex, hardware retailers can stock the solution for hanging heavy items onto these wall types and they have just joined Bira Direct as a supplier, offering special terms for members.


Corefix has been independently tested to guarantee a comfortable safe working load of 100kg on four fixings, with the range designed to secure radiators and boilers, flat screen wall hung TV’s, wall hung cabinets and heavy shelving.


It is available in handy four packs, six packs with 10mm drill bit and a trade box of 24. The range consists of Corefix Original for all wall types, Corefix Air tested within thermalite / aircrete blocks and Corefix Plus30 with a 20mm longer screw.


Unlike other plasterboard fixings the patented Corefix system is fixed through the plasterboard, bridging the gap and is then secured within the blockwork itself. The engineered steel core is then tapped into the plug, this also penetrates the block, meaning that all of the load is transferred from the plasterboard to the solid wall behind, a simple, fast and long-awaited fixing solution for dot and dab walls.  


See the Metex supplier page for details of the six-month introductory offer for Bira members and view their unique and eye catching POS available to all stockists.