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New Wineries for Berkmann Wine Cellars

Bira Direct supplier Berkmann Wine Cellars introduce new wineries from Greece, Georgia and Italy.

Berkmann wine’s have paid special attention to the environmental impact their products have and have introduced a new rating system which identifies those suppliers who go above and beyond in their approach to environmental and social responsibility.

There has never been more focus and emphasis on the provenance and production methods behind the wines we drink than there is today. The stark reality of climate change has brought our planet’s health to the forefront of many people’s minds, and there is an unprecedented hunger to understand how the production of what we consume affects our surroundings. Sustainability, in the sense of what a company does to protect the environment is now being championed more and more. Organic, Biodaynamic and ‘Natural’ are all terms that have become increasingly common within the lexicon of wine and they are frequently used to advance the environmental credentials of a winery. Whilst these methods often go hand in hand with a sustainable approach to production, they do not guarantee a holistic approach on the part of a winery.” – Berkmann Wine Cellars

Berkmann Wine Cellar’s believes a sustainable approach should cover not only how the vines are tended and the wines are made, but also what measures the winery takes to minimise its impact in terms of energy and water use, packaging, logistics as well as the social impact on its local community and the economic benefits it can bring.

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